Sunday, April 19, 2009

Different Document Layouts by Jennifer Flowers

Whether we are about to write a letter, resume, poem, news article or instant message there is one important detail that needs to be made. Presentation! Its the way the document looks, the layout and style of your work. Personally when I read a written work I can tell before hand what it is I am going to read because of specifically how it looks.

Letters are easily distinguishable because they are always addressed to someone. Like starting off with Dear Mr./Mrs. Jones, etc. and ending with a Sincerely, From or some other send off.
Newspaper Articles can be found in well the newspaper, or some other journal/magazine. The styles are all similar whatever the story due to the skinny columns and small fonts. The story is typically short and to the point. Space is scarce and the quicker the story is told, the better.
Haiku's and poems are special in their own way because haiku's are very short and normally only have three lines which have a specific number of syllables in each, and match other lines in the small poem. Poems also have special rules such as how many syllables are in each line, how many phrases and verses there are and different rhythm schemes. Both of these works of writing are visionary tales, which most of the time tell a story to the reader. Pictures are often added to the haiku's and poems to help tell the story. Here are examples of both a haiku and a poem.
There are hundreds of different documents made each day. It is very important to have a good idea of what your task is and how it should be presented. If unsure, talk with coworkers or peers, find an example template and work off of that. Whatever you can do to properly present your work DO! Not only in school is your written works important, it's even MORE crucial in the workplace to produce correct documentation so good writing and good luck bloggers!
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  1. Jennifer again U did such a great job !! Loved the images and the whole posting!! It is important to be able to Present !! I had so much fun of reading your postings during whole semester its been my pleasure !!
    Great Job.

  2. Great Job Jennifer. I really liked how you incorporated many visuals and examples of document layouts! It made your blog look very professional and eye catching. The entire posting was very informative. Excellent job once again!

  3. THis was a great job. I really like all of the visuals that you used. Way to finish up the semester on a great job.

  4. Layout of your documents is extremley important, especially when presenting your material to audience. You have done an amazing job relaying that in many of your posts. In the business community, your research and background work is only as effective as how you present it to the party in which it concerns. This is very important information to know. Thank you for your contributions.