Thursday, April 16, 2009

How to Overcome Writer's Block by Megan Clipse

How many times have you ever came across that feeling when you are about to start writing and all of the sudden it hits you....what am I going to say? Where do I start? And then you freeze! Today this is referred to as one of the most prevailing 'diseases' amongst writers of all ages, genders, and educational levels: Writer's Block! Although the symptoms are temporarily debilitating there are some quick and easy cures to rid yourself of this common fret. Below is a list of 'diagnoses and cures'.

Writer's Block 101

Symptom #1 You have come across a last minute paper and wish to write it without any preliminary outlining or brainstorming.

  • Cure-Jot down your primary ideas and connect them with smaller thoughts. This will also help you create a working outline as it is easily convertible and will give you a starting point to the paper.

Symptom #2 Boring, boring, boring! The topic you have to write about has no interest to you what so ever.

  • Cure-Learn to personalize the topic more towards your liking. If possible interlink it to something you enjoy and the writing will flow much easier.

Symptom #3 You are in a rush and deep down really do not want to spend the time to write.

  • Cure-Give in to the idea that you absolutely must write this assignment either way.

Symptom #4 You are anxious to get started

  • Cure-Develop rituals and success strategies to relax nerves. Examples are chewing gum, listening to music, etc.
  • Focus your energy to the task at hand!

Symptom #5 What most college students feel at one point or another----STRESS!

  • Cure- Just BREATHE! Take a moment to stop, stretch, and focus your breathing to calm yourself. Think of calming thoughts so as to not get even more worked up over the writing.

For more general tips and strategies for Writer's Block you should check out this site:


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  1. Very insightful post Megan! I think everyone has been through the experience of suffering from writer's block and its a really frustrating experience! You tips provided will definitely help anyone in the future to overcome writer's block!

  2. Very useful post Megan! I like how you approached this topic with a small circumstance that we have all come across at least a few times in our lives. The symptoms and cures are great and if I ever come across my own case of writer's block I will definately look back and use your ideas! Great Job!

  3. Good post Megan! I get writers block all the time! The worst part of writing a paper is starting it in my opinion. I will certainly be using these strategies to overcome writers block.

  4. Great post Megan. I have writers block from time to time and your information will definitely come in handy for me. Great way to finish up the semester.

  5. Writers block was never really been an obstacle for me. Put a math problem in front of me and, well, it aint pretty. This is a very important post. Writer's Block is a disease that effects millions. Thanks again for doing the Moviemaker. You were a critical asset to this team. Have a great summer.